The Start of Something Brilliant

Today is an important day, because today is the day that I begin an amazing journey. 

But, to be honest, today is not actually the beginning.  As I think back, I have been on this journey longer than I realized.  I have always been a photographer at heart. 

I come from an extremely creative family.  It was instilled in me at a young age that I have the ability to create anything I can dream of.  With a lot of heart, thought and a healthy does of elbow grease, I can make my dreams come true.

Have you ever looked at one of your idols and dreamed that you could be them.  If only you were good enough, or had the right education, or born in California (where it seems like all the opportunities are)?  Until very recently, I was walking down this very path.  Then it hit me!  Bam!  Like an unexpected speed bump, where speed bumps have no business being.  What do they have that I don't?  Are they not human?  Do they possess some magical power that is unattainable by me.  The answer is: they are human, just like everyone else.  They may be successful now, but they didn't always have the talent and knowledge they have today.  They do not have special powers.  They still have worries and insecurities and fears.  The one thing they do have is experience and confidence.  They have failed and in failing and pushing through this failure, they have succeeded. 

So, although today is not my first day as a photographer, it is my first day writing a blog.  I know there will be unexpected speed bumps, and failures along they way, but I say bring 'em on - because if I am not making mistakes, then I am not learning and growing and finding better ways to enhance my client's experience.  And, as my good friend says, "A year from now, you will wish you had started today."

Who's with me?  What are you going to start today?