Arika & Craig's Engagement Session - Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

When Arika told me about how Craig proposed, my heart melted.  As any native Michigander will tell you, Traverse City is a must visit on any summer itinerary.  Well, pay attention guys, because it is also an amazing place to propose to the love of your life!


When Arika regaled me with the proposal story her eyes lit up and I just knew that these two had something special.  Arika's favorite candle shop in Traverse City was the stage.  While she and Craig were in town they stopped in to her favorite shop.  What Arika didn't know was that Craig had it all planned out.  He handcrafted a stunning jewelry box and had it placed in the shop with a sold sign attached.  When they walked in the front door, Arika went straight to it - it was just her style and it just seemed to speak to her.... are you getting goose bumps yet?   When she opened the jewelry box, there it was, a beautiful engagement ring.  And when she turned to Craig, he was down on one knee, about to propose. 


Greg (who also happens to be my brother and my second shooter) accompanied me to their engagement session, were we finally got to meet Craig and witness their special bond first hand.  We had a great time photographing this season of their life together.  Here are my favorites:

This is just the beginning of something beautiful.  We cannot wait for your winter wedding! 



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