Things We Never Told Mom, Part I | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

In honor of announcing the exciting news that my brother Greg is joining me and making this photography business a family affair, I thought it would be fun to start a series entitled: “Things We Never Told Mom”. 


Raise your hand if you did some crazy things as a kid and then waited until you were a grown adult to admit them to mom.  Go ahead, no one’s watching.  Well, you’re not alone.  Stories have slipped out as the years have passed, and it seems like wine is always involved.  Our mom just shakes her head and says, ‘I don’t know when you would have had time to do that, you were only home alone for 30 minutes!” 

Greg is 5 years older than me, and as the big brother, he was the ringleader.  I am the youngest child, I always looked up to my older siblings and pretty much followed along with whatever they were doing.  It was usually something that Mom and Dad would irrationally consider… “dangerous” or “stupid”.  Parents always tend to overreact (read with heavy sarcasm)!

One evening, our parents went for an quick walk with the neighbors.  Mind you, they were only taking a stroll around the block, but it was enough time to get into mischief.  We had a maroon velour hide-a-bed; it was made in the 70’s or 80’s so it was SOLID.  Steel frame.  Giant springs.  Thick mattress.  Solid construction all around, which meant it was very heavy.  Greg had the brilliant idea of having my sister Emily and I take turns laying down at the end of the open sofa and letting Greg roll us up.  Just before letting the mattress completely close, he would pull us out – kind of like a yoyo.  It was super fun.  Right when you thought you were going to get smooshed, out you’d come… except the time you didn’t…

We must have been doing this for awhile, because on my turn, just when we got to the important part where Greg was supposed to pull me out, that solid construction reared its ugly head.  There Greg stood, probably about 9 years old, holding on to the handle for dear life, screaming for help, trying desperately not to let the hide-a-bed swallow me up.

Luckily, my parents were just a few houses down, heard the screams and came running.  I walked away unscathed with a head full of static-y hair.  We never did that again and my parents didn’t leave us alone for sometime after that, so I guess we all learned our lesson. 

Thanks Greg for not letting go and thanks Mom and Dad for saving your favorite child (haha).

Look for more mischief in the coming weeks – there is no shortage of stories over here and plenty that my parents still don’t know about.

Cheers to not being smooshed in folding mattresses,


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