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There are so many classics about a boy and his dog:  Turner & Hooch, Where the Red Fern Grows (I don't know if this is really a classic, but I remember reading the book in elementary school and it always stuck with me - so I'm including it), Old Yeller and Lassie, to name a few.  Well, this story is also about a boy and his dog - Jack and Riley, his Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.


You see, I have known Jack's mom, Katie for about 14 years.  Wait.  14 years... I just had a time- gets-away-from-you-when-you-aren't-paying-attention-moment!  But, this story is about a boy and his dog, remember? 


I have known Jack for 2 years.  Jack turned 2 back in January (if you missed his 1st birthday, check it out here).  I've known Jack his whole life.  When Katie asked me to take his 2-year photos, I was ecstatic!  Katie is one of my dearest friends and I was so happy to be able to capture this precious age for her and her husband.

Since we live in Michigan, we were 99% certain the weather would be atrocious in March (1% chance it would be 65 degrees and sunny), so we opted for an indoor session.  Jack's room is decorated with a woodland theme, so the teepee (Target) and campfire set (Land of Nod), were a perfect addition.  When Katie put Jack in front of the teepee, Riley got right in there as well, with no hesitation.  I think she thought the photo session was for her and that Jack was there just to look cute.


It was adorable to watch Jack get right next to Riley and cuddle up.  Katie explained that they were best friends and it was apparent because I got the biggest smiles from Jack when he was hugging on Riley - hugging Riley and making me smell his stuffies feet (hey I'm a mom of boys - I know what makes them tick). 

Jack was such a good boy during his whole session, but I am pretty sure the 10 runs down the hall and back, halfway through his session helped. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites:

Thank you Katie and Ed for everything.  Jack, you are such a cutie and my boys would love to play with you again soon.  Riley, keep doing what you're doing girl!



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