Weekend Getaway - Ludington, Michigan - Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

Ah, the summer months.  The warmth.  The sunshine.  The Great Lakes.  All these things make Michigan winters tolerable.  With the kids on summer vacation, I knew we had to act fast...  Their summer vacation is half over and we haven't been on a single getaway yet!


My husband was planning a short trip to New England to visit a friend, which meant it would just be me and the kids all weekend.  I couldn't let this opportunity to have our own little getaway, get away from us (see what I did there?)!  Before his flight was even booked, I was on the phone planning a visit to my parents cottage in Ludington. 

If you are not familiar, Ludington is a great coastal city just south of Manistee, right on the shores of Lake Michigan.  From my parents cottage, there is a great view of Lake Michigan.  Blue water as far as the eye can see - the very reason Michigan is called in the "Great Lakes State"! 

We packed our bags and began our near 4-hour trek (up) and across Michigan to our little piece of paradise.  We swam, we shopped, we visited the Ludington Lighthouse, witness the historic "Badger" begin it's evening 4-hour trek across the lake to Wisconsin and watched the sunset, all while sinking our toes in the sand.  

The kids enjoyed the beach the most and would have stayed right there the whole weekend if I let them.  We built sandcastles and swam in the brisk water.  I contently watch them be kids and helped them dig holes in the sand.  Did you know that if you dig deep enough you will find water?  You should try it next time you are at the beach!

I promised I would get our dog swimming in the lake this time, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  However, he did enjoy digging in the sand, which  I can imagine was quite satisfying!


I have included some of my favorite moments below (some with my camera, some on the fly with the trusty iPhone).  We had an amazing time and we promise we will bring John along next time!



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