Ivy at Sunset, Senior Photos- Metro Detroit Photographer

I can always count on my senior clients to shake things up! One of my very favorite things about photographing high school seniors is that I can always expect the unexpected. I can always count on being inspired. I can always count on a good time. Whoever says the younger generation these days is no good, clearly has never taken the time to get to know one of them.


I have known Ivy’s mom for several years, but never had the opportunity to meet Ivy until the evening of her senior photo shoot. Her session had been booked for sometime, but the location was still up in the air as the date grew closer. Ivy had the idea to incorporate graffiti into her session, something I had never done before, but I immediately fell in love with the idea! She found a location in Ann Arbor dubbed “Graffiti Alley” and I have to hand it to the U of M crew, it was as cool as you can get without being a Spartan!

Ivy picked the perfect outfit for this scene. I immediately wished I could go back to my senior session and do the same thing, although I never would have been able to pull it off the way Ivy did. Classy. Classic. Cool. She totally killed it!

The second location was also in Ann Arbor (when in Rome...) – Parker Mill Park. As the sun was settling nicely on the horizon, Ivy, without prompting, got right into the river, where we got some great shots of her wading in the cold stream. Which brings me back to the point that the up and coming generation is fun, carefree and full of surprises – something I find extremely inspirational. Maybe growing up is knowing when to let go and really live. It seems to be working well for Ivy.

On the flip side, Ivy has a serious side too - she is planning on becoming a nurse. In the meantime, as she navigates her senior year, she is looking forward to watching the football games with her friends in the stands instead of leading cheers and doing back handsprings on the track (those cheerleading uniforms are not exactly warm!), as well as hanging out with her friends and of course senior skip days!

So before all that fun begins, here are my favorites from her session:

Ivy, I wish you the best of luck with your senior year and getting into your #1 choice of colleges. Not only are you a simply stunning human being, you are so sweet, kind and fun to be around! You are going to do great things, kid!

Cheers, Lisa