Three's Company - Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

Three Blind Mice.  The 3 Ring Circus.  Three Little Pigs.  Three.  The number of beautiful little ladies I got to recently photograph.  These three girls are like the 3 primary colors - Blue, Red, Yellow.  Each color on its own is brilliant, standing tall and proud; bookworm, athlete and princess.  If you mix them together, you get all the beautiful colors of the rainbow, the greatest of which is sisterly love.  


A "photo session" (and I use that term very loosely) in our household with two boys, is much like a solar eclipse -  they will stay in one spot with a pleasant expression for about 1.2 seconds before that perfect moment is gone and won't repeat itself for another 60 years.  Okay, so I am being a little factious, but only to prove my point.  These girls were so wonderful and fun to work with that about 30 minutes in, when I asked if they were ready to be done, they all shouted "No!" and quickly began throwing out their ideas for shots.

These photos were taken at the “Garden of Healing and Renewal”, McLaren Hospital, Clarkston.   This garden is simply beautiful with so many nooks and grannies just begging to be explored.  We did get a chance to experience many of the aspects, including the fountain, large chairs tucked into the greenery, a bridge and even a “library”.  The spaces between the walk paths are bursting with so many different types of flowers and grasses as well as interesting and colorful sculptures.  I feel like this is one of the best kept secrets in Clarkston.  It’s definitely worth a visit, just mind the mosquitoes – they were ruthless. 

Here are some of my favorites from the afternoon. 

Thank you ladies for entertaining me with your spunky personalities and huge hearts.  Stay true to yourself and never ever “grow up”!



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