What To Wear To Your Engagement Session, Part 1 | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

One of the most common questions I get before a couple’s engagement photo session is: “What should we wear?”  While my number one answer is, wear something that makes you feel your best and is true to you, I am going to go through some tips to help make you look and feel your best. I will also walk you through how to chose colors and patterns and what to avoid.



“I see your true color shining through…” (ah, you gotta love Cyndi Lauper!) Color can be a very tricky thing.  Your favorite color is teal, while his is olive green - these colors alone may look great, but put together and not so much.  How about black? You know that’s supposed to be a slimming color, but is it the right choice for an engagement session? You are now officially an engaged-to-be-married-couple, should you were the same color?  So many questions, so little time… so I am going to throw this first tip at you right away…

Tip 1: You have committed yourselves to one another, but you are still individuals and we want to document your true self. Try choosing colors that complement each other or that are in the same color family.  Not sure what colors complement each other? Take a look at this color wheel:

Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel are complementary! Colors that are next to one another are analogous or harmonious.

Below are some examples of neutrals paired with more vivid colors. You will be more likely to find, for example, a gray suit for your guy and a dress with teal accents, than a royal blue suit for him and a purple dress for you (see color wheel above). Tip 2: Grays, blacks & tans go with almost anything so they are good basic colors to pair with.


Another thing to consider when choosing the outfits is, pattern.  If you feel like wearing a solid color is boring, you can always add pattern.  However, keep in mind that if you are both wearing patterns, your collective look can get a bit busy.  It’s best if only one of you wears a pattern.  For example, you could wear a dress with a pattern and he could wear a solid - remembering to coordinate the colors.

Here are some examples:

If you are both set on wearing patterns, consider the pattern size.  He wears a button down shirt with a small/ tight pattern and you wear a dress with a large pattern.

Example of patterns that compliment each other:


If you put two patterns together that are too “loud”, they will compete for the attention and all anyone will see in your photos is your clothing.

Here is an example of what NOT to wear (although, honestly, I love this dress. The shirt on the other hand has to go - even if it was paired with a solid black dress!):


If you keep color and pattern in mind when choosing what to wear, you will be well on your way to looking fabulous and feeling great for your first official photo session as an engaged couple!

Next time, I will share how to choose what style to wear and how to accessorize!  Feel free to send me questions and happy styling!



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