What To Wear To Your Engagment Session - Part II | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

So, you have booked your engagement session and you have a good idea on what color(s) you are going to be wearing (see blog one: What to Wear to Your Engagement Session, Part 1).  You were feeling great after reading the first post about color and pattern, but then you realized; that’s only one part of your look. After all, blush and navy may look stunning together, but if we are talking bath robes - that is just not going to cut it.  Now what?

What to Wear to your Engagement Session, Part II


I’m so glad you asked!  This post is all about style!  From cowboy boots and flannel shirts to ball gowns and tuxedos, there are endless style possibilities, and that’s what we are going to cover now.

Tip 1: pick two outfits!  If you can’t decide if you want to go casual or dressed up, now you can do both. I would still recommend a more tailor casual look, but think jeans, riding boots and I blazer or sweater for her and jeans, button up shirt and leather laced up shoes for him.  For a dressier look, think: a floor length dress and heels for her and dress pants, button up shirt & tie (or bow tie!) for him.  Bonus: he can wear the same shoes for both the casual & dressed up look.


Tip 2: Heels elongate your legs and who doesn’t want to have legs a mile long?  It’s just plain flattering and you will look amazing in them! 


Tip 3: dress for the same season. What I mean by this is, if your engagement session is in the fall, you should both be wearing fall clothing. It’s a little confusing when one person is wear the casual look I described above and the other is wears shorts and a t-shirt.  Which, brings me to tip 4...

Tip 4: Don’t wear shorts to your engagement session!  Ever! “That’s all I have to say about that.” (Forest Gump anyone?)

Tip 5: Not really interested in doing a casual look, but still need options?  Go with a floor length dress as one outfit and a shorter dress for the second outfit.  For him, he could do a blazer & tie (or bow tie!) to compliment your floor length dress.  For outfit 2, remove the blazer and tie and unbutton the first button or two of his shirt. This is a great way to change up his look without putting him through a wardrobe change, which means more smiles!!

So, there you have it - my tips for styles to wear for your engagement session.  Now that you know how to rock color AND style you only need one more piece.... accessories!  I’ll be back with Part III on how to accessorize your engagement session looks!



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