A Day In The Life - Spring Break

We didn’t go anywhere for spring break this year. Actually it wasn’t just this year. We never do.  You maybe asking yourself, “why?”   Why would you want to stick around in cold, cloudy Michigan for one more second?


 The kids always want to go somewhere warm.  Scratch that.  The kids just want to go somewhere that requires taking an airplane.  I can’t say I blame them, it’s exciting... until you have to go through security. Is it just me or do the TSA agents seem to expect you to know everything, like we all fly every single day?   I always get dirty looks - maybe it’s because I smile at all the agents, as a natural reflects. They must think I am up to something, but I am just a friendly person!

 So, we hadn’t planned anything for the break, but by the Wednesday BEFORE spring break rolled around, there were at least a handful of families in both my kid’s classes that had already departed for vacations far from the tundra of Michigan...  The pressure was on to make their Spring Break “staycation” awesome!  (Hint: if we are using the word “staycation”, we are already at a huge disadvantage!)

Monday, my husband took the kids to the Detroit Zoo.  The zoo is always a good idea, and because everyone in Michigan was in much warmer climates, the zoo was empty: no lines, no jumping up and down to see over peoples heads... one day down!

 My in-laws, my patient and amazing in-laws, had a multi-day sleep over for the kids and before we knew it, Friday was here.  Although the kids had a good time, I knew they couldn’t go back to school with a spring break story about the zoo.  It was all on me to come up with something spectacular.  Luckily, I’m the adventurous one!  I decided we would go rock climbing... Indoors at Planet Rock of course, because you know, Michigan is pretty flat (and large soft mats to land on is a huge plus!).

 We got our belay lesson and I passed the “don’t-let-the-instructor-fall” test. We were finally ready to climb!  We had been climbing for a little bit when he heard a climber in another area yell out, but it was pretty loud in there so we really didn’t think much of it.  About 10 minutes later we were headed to another section of wall when we looked out the large bank of windows to see a man on a gurney, being placed into an ambulance and fire truck right behing.  Boom!  Just like that, we had our story!  Forget the zoo, we went rock climbing, a guy fell “a hundred feet” and broke both his legs and one of his arms (some exaggeration is acceptable).  For the record, we did ask one of the employees if he was okay, and they seemed to think so – after all the ambulance and fire truck left in an orderly and calm fashion, no sirens or flashing lights necessary, but that’s just between you and me!

Here are some (iPhone) shots of us climbing:

 Cheers to adventure and the weaving of a great story,


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