Downtown Detroit Engagement | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer

I am excited to share these photos from Jessie & Mike’s engagement session, because we took them in Downtown Detroit and it was so much more awesome than I anticipated! I knew Jessie and Mike would be super cool, but Detroit… you surprised me!

We started in Campus Martius, then made our way down to the river, where Jessie and Mike share the love of ship watching. All along Woodward, we went from one cool nook to another, with fun little urban elements all the way. Did you know that there are giant bench swings that are super fun to swing on - oh you better believe I jumped on, 3rd-wheel style with Jessie and Mike!

Of course, we didn’t come all the way to Detroit without getting some photos at the Joe Louis Fist! And would have visited the Coleman A Young statue, but that area was under construction… next time for sure, along with The HandleBar!

Here are some of my very favorites:

We headed home with tons of great photos and plans already to return. We just need to find a new route… I-75 is killer with all that construction! Fellow Metro Detroit dwellers, do you feel me?!?


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