The How and Why of My Photography Business

No matter where you are in life, whether you are a high school senior, a bride-to-be, a parent or something else altogether, no doubt you have wondered where life will take you and how you will reach your life goals. 

Painting done by our "neighbor" - her view of our house

Painting done by our "neighbor" - her view of our house

When I was a little girl, my dad took a job out West.  My parents felt like this would be an amazing opportunity for our young family, and it was.  We lived in Wyoming and then Montana.  While living there, we got to see some truly memorable sights, such as Yellowstone National Park, Frontier Days, Glacier National Park, a lot of Elk and Bears and even a wild three-legged dog that befriended us!    I remember just bits and pieces, but what does stick in my mind is the image of my dad, always with his camera, ready to capture the next great moment.   

" dad, always with his camera, ready to capture the next great moment."

Years later, my mom and I were looking through my parent’s cedar chest, reminiscing about old times.  We found my old baby blanket – full of more holes than actual solid pieces of fabric.  When I little I use to play tug-of-war with our dog.  Eventually, he had ripped a substantial amount of holes in it and I used it as my She-Ra cape (and I totally had that sword!).  That soft teal blanket never lost its silky feel and I still have a small square of it today. 

Pulling memories out of the cedar chest, one by one, we found our “Out West” photo albums.  I was immediately pulled back to my childhood – elk grazing by the swing set; my sister’s Lop-Eared rabbit, Loppy, that she wouldn’t let me actually hold, only allow me sit on the floor with; our giant 15’ evergreen Christmas trees, that we cut from our backyard; sitting on our couch as a family, with my now late Grandparents; my brother and Dad standing on the front deck having watermelon seed spitting contests; the time we tried to go cross-country skiing and it was so bitter cold my Mom’s glasses broke as she went to slide them back up her nose and so, so much more.  

One of the most influential items I found was my dad’s camera that he used to capture all these wonderful memories.  I brought it to my dad and he showed me how to load and unload the film and how to adjust the settings.  Before I knew it, I was in love.  I went through several rolls of film, trying out this composition and that setting and found that I even had photos worth framing.  As the years past, I eventually switched to digital, but that spark that was ignited in me never blew out.  That is how my journey as a photographer started.

Are you curious to find out what has kept me going and will forever fuel my goals?  I would love for you to come back and read the next part of my “why”.  And, I would love to hear what your passion is and what got you started!  Until then…..