Katie & Ed + Baby Jack

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to be a part of amazing people’s wonderful life moments.  From, marriage proposals to first looks to first babies, and more, these are some of the greatest events that make up a life.  

I have known Katie for about 13 years.  We met in college, where we spent half our time pulling all-nighters together; trying to finish that project we should have started 2 months ago - when it was originally assigned.  We also had amazing adventures together, with our two other best friends, on our study abroad trip in Europe for 2 months (some of these adventures may or may not have included Sangria).  And, some of our time was just spend hanging out at our apartment talking and recovering for the events previously mentioned.   

After graduation, we moved on to first jobs and responsibilities that inevitably come with college graduation, but we never went too long without talking and getting our little group together to catch up.  A few years after graduation, Katie married an amazing, funny and kind man named Ed.  Once again, we all reunited at their wedding, this time as wives, moms, a beloved girlfriend and bride.  Afterwards, we all went back to our separate lives, but always, as closer friends.
As the years have passed, the youngest of our group got married, coincidently, to another Ed, but who goes by Eddie, and more babies were born.  Our lives have changed drastically from our college days - only one quarter of us are still in the industry we went to college for, but we remain a tight-knit group. 

As a proud friend, I would like to introduce sweet baby Jack.  He is truly a blessing to Katie and Ed and I know, just the beginning to their wonderful family.

Congratulations Ed and Katie.  I love you and your beautiful family!