Little Girl's Daddy

My dad, Tom, has always been a hard worker - never taking a short-cut or the easy way out.  He has such an eye for detail that it's no wonder he is perfectionist in many aspects of his life.   In his professional career it is no different.  My dad has been an Architect for more years than I am sure he wants me to announce to the world.  He has worked for only a couple firms in his career, but the majority of this time has been spent with TMP Architecture. 

He has worked himself up through the ranks of the company before finally settling in as a Principle. 

What I admire most about my dad is not only his great work ethic, but his amazing skills outside the office as an amazing Dad!  He and my mom have raised 3 children and are putting the final touches on their youngest daughter as she goes off to college this fall. 

All this hard work as a professional, a husband and a father has paid off and now it is my dad's turn to enjoy the fruits of his labor.   With great joy, my dad put in his last day of work and is officially retired. 

To help him celebrate this momentous occasion, I went to his office to grab some shots of him on one of his last days.  We drank Starbucks, ate chocolate chips cookies and got a chance to hang out for a bit.  I am so honored to have such a wonderful father to look up to!  I know that he will be missed at the office, but we are so glad to have more time to spend with him!

Here are some of my favorites from that day.

Congrats Dad!  You have earned this badge of freedom - that you will most likely spend finishing home projects at your house and mine (thanks Dad!).  We love you!