Senior Prom, Part I

There are many events that most kids experience to one degree or another as they navigate through elementary school, to middle school and junior high and finally high school, that could be considered rights of passage: Kindergarten graduation, first successful school project, first failed experiment, football games, first kiss, new friendships, school dances, passing drivers training and earning the coveted drivers license and High School graduation.  

Perhaps one of the most magical events that I considered a right of passage is Senior Prom.  The events leading up to prom can be fraught with trepidation, for girls at least - desperately hoping that cute boy you have been dying to talk to miraculously realizes you exists and asks you out, organizing the pre-prom get together with friends, the ever challenging splitting of the bill for the limo and perhaps the most important - finding the perfect dress.   For my sister, Sydney, that was one less thing to worry about.  Our ever talented, creative and dedicated mom made her dress and boy was it stunning and she was stunning in it!

Our mom is no stranger to gown construction and pressure.  She made my wedding gown and even though I may be a bit bias, I have to say it was simply breath-taking (and my husband thought so, too)!

My Mom and me on my wedding day (Photo Credit: Photography By Keel)

My Mom and me on my wedding day (Photo Credit: Photography By Keel)

With weeks of sewing and measuring and hand-stitching complete, and all the logistics in place, Senior Prom went off without a hitch.  She danced the night away with her date and her best friends and lived it like only an 18 year old can. 

I didn't have a chance to take photos on prom day, so we arrange a photo shoot to capture Sydney and her beautiful dress before she was off to her next big thing (think graduation parties and the big move to college). 


We had fun re-enacting prom without all the pressure.  Senior prom truly is right of passage and I will never forget mine and I bet Sydney won't forget hers either. 

Stay on the watch for Senior Prom Part II, which has nothing to do with prom at all, but a whole lot to do with Sydney and her carefree personality.