Senior Prom, Part II

As promised, this is the second installment of my sister Sydney's Senior Prom.  Just as a fair warning, this post has absolutely nothing to do with prom, but it is about Sydney, so we are just going to go with it.

So, after we got some great shots of Sydney in her prom dress, she asked if I could wait 5 minutes while she "changed into something fun."  .....

..... Forty-five minutes later we did a second mini shoot in a super cute, totally Sydney outfit.  I have to admit, we had way more fun because she was way more comfortable and her personality was front and center!

We had a great time goofing around and just having fun with the shoot. 

One of the things I admire most about Sydney is her fearless attitude, heart of gold and desire to have fun - just like they say, "Girls just wanna have fun!"  Well, I guess that was three things, but if you knew her, you wouldn't be able to name just one either.