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Photo courtesy of Greg Kowalski

Photo courtesy of Greg Kowalski


This is me, Lisa Villella (pronounced: Vill-el-la).  Lover of exclamation points and dogs!  I’m married to a man that I seriously count my blessing for every day!  You’ll rarely see a photo of him, do to his passion for privacy, but I love and respect the hell out of him!  We have two boys that amaze me, make me proud and drive me crazy, sometimes all in a span of a single day.  They make me want to be a better person, better mom and try harder.  Parenthood is not for everyone, but for those who choose it, it is the greatest gift!!

If you were to ask what type of music I’m listening to at any given moment, 90% of the time it would be rock n’ roll (the other 10% is pop).  My husband has instilled the same love of rock in our boys.  My children were requesting Judas Priest at age 3...  I’m not exaggerating!  Our energetic dog, Dio (named after Ronnie James Dio!) is a Hungarian Vizsla.  He is a Frisbee pro, but cuddles like a boss. I am a runner to the core and Dio is the only one who is enthusiastic about accompanying me. I am a pasta enthusiast, which makes my love of running...convenient!   Being the only girl in my household, means I know way too much about WWE wrestling and TMNT (for the record I like Daniel Bryan and Raphael).

My favorite part about being a wedding photographer is making the bride feel amazing and the groom to feel cool!  I love seeing supportive family members and friends by the bride and grooms side helping to ensure they fully enjoy one of the biggest days of their lives.  I love capturing the moments that go unnoticed, but will make your heart melt every time you look through your album.  I get to freeze time and make the best moments last for generations to come. This is my superpower, since being invisible is not an option!


Meet Greg Kowalski

Greg is my brother and my photography partner. He is an extremely talented... everything! You name it, he can do it. Which is why I always looked up to him as a kid and followed him around like a little puppy. If he ever got annoyed, he never let on. He was the ring leader growing up, and often got my sister and I into some pretty interesting predicaments. However, he always watched out for us and we (usually) walked away unscathed.

Having Greg with me is like having direct access to McGyver. He is super handy to have around in sticky situations because he can always come up with a solution! Greg is funny, smart and easy going. He is a gifted photographer and the perfect counterpart to this Brother-Sister team. See some of his recent work at GWK Photography.

Everyone has a story and this is just a snippet of ours.  We would love to help you share yours. 

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