Photo courtesy of Greg Kowalski

Photo courtesy of Greg Kowalski

Hello there, I'm Lisa Villella

(pronounced: Vill-el-la). 

I am a Metro Detroit wedding photographer, but I am also a wife, a mother, my dogs' "person", runner and pasta enthusiast.  

I love to laugh until tears are streaming down my face and hiding around corners to get a good scare out of unsuspecting family members.  I love to create things from scratch; from beautiful photos full of emotion to deliciously delectable baked goods.  My husband is all too familiar with my "great ideas" that take on a life of their own.  I am crafty, which should not be confused with handy, because I am rarely that.  I love reading and often spend upwards of an hour each night reading "one last bedtime story" to my two boys before bedtime.

I started my business as a one-woman show, but I am thrilled to now have my brother Greg join me.  Everyone has heard of a Husband-Wife photography team, but a Brother-Sister team is even better because we share DNA.  There is also that drive to push ourselves a little harder on each shoot, because you know... sibling rivalry - which means our clients ALWAYS win!



Meet Greg Kowalski

Greg is an extremely talented... everything! You name it, he can do it. Which is why I always looked up to him as a kid and followed him around like a little puppy. If he ever got annoyed, he never let on. He was the ring leader growing up, and often got my sister and I into some pretty interesting predicaments. However, he always watched out for us and we (usually) walked away unscathed.

Greg is funny, smart and easy going. He is a gifted photographer and the perfect counterpart to this Brother-Sister team. Click on the button below to see some of his recent work.

A bit more About Lisa...

Everyone has a story and this is just a snippet of ours.  We would love to help you share yours.  Contact us and let's get chatting.