Metro Detroit, Michigan & Beyond

Photo courtesy of Amy and Jordan Demos

Photo courtesy of Amy and Jordan Demos

Hello there, I'm Lisa. 

I am a Metro Detroit wedding photographer, but I am also a wife, a mother, my dogs' "person", runner and pasta lover.   And unfortunately for me, if there is chewed up gum within a 25' radius of me, I will step on it, kneel in it, or sit on it and I don't even chew gum! 

I love to laugh until tears are streaming down my face and hiding around corners to get a good scare out of unsuspecting family members.  I love to create things from scratch; from beautiful photos full of emotion to deliciously delectable baked goods.  My husband is all too familiar with my "great ideas" that take on a life of their own.  I am crafty, which should not be confused with handy, because I am rarely that.  I love reading and often spend upwards of an hour each night reading "one last bedtime story" to my two boys before bedtime.  

Everyone has a story and this is just a snippet of mine.  I would love to help you share yours.  Contact me and let's get chatting.



Work Hard.  Play Hard.

Fun Fact about Me:

1.  I only eat apple pie warm and a la mode.

2.  I love to run and so far have completed 4 full marathons (that's 26.2 miles) and 6 half marathons, among countless other races.

3.  I love to matriculate.  I have a bachelor degree from Michigan State University in Animal Behavior and Neurobiology and another bachelor degree from Michigan State University in Landscape Architecture.

4.  I used to ride horses when I was a kid.  I fell and broke my arm, but I got "back in the saddle" to go on to ride again for many years after that, having never broken another bone.  I stopped when I went to college (the first time).

5.  I love rock n' roll and classic rock, but I dabble in pop and the (very) occasional country song.

6.   I try to never say "no" to invitation.  A good life is full of experiences and I intend to live mine fully.

7.  I have lived in Michigan most of my life, but a small fraction of my childhood was spent in Montana and Wyoming.

8.  I prefer an open window to AC.

9.  I would love to live on a yacht and sail around the world. 

10. I want to go skydiving one day, preferably with my then grown kids.

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